I accrue pension

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Newly employed

Are you working at Philips, Signify or Versuni? Read here what to expect. 

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Choosing retirement age

Are you 58 or older? In that case, you may determine your retirement age.

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Almost retired

Read here what choices you can make

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End of employment

What happens to your pension?

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What happens with your pension if you become incapable of working?

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Grafische afbeelding bij Verhuizen


What to do when your adress changes?

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Grafische afbeelding bij Nieuwe relatie.

New relationship

You're entering a new relationship?

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Having a child

What means having a child for your pension?

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End of relationship

What does the end of your relationship mean for your pension?

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Uniform Pension Overview

You receive your Uniform Pension Overview.

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Pensioen 123

Pension 123

You build up pension in the flex pension from Philips Pensioenfonds. With Pension 123 you can read about what you will and will not receive in our pension scheme. Pension 123 does not contain any personal information about your pension. What do you find in layers 1, 2 and 3?

  • Layer 1: you briefly read the most important information about the flex pension.
  • Layer 2: by clicking you will find more information about the subject.
  • Layer 3: you have the option of opening documents with detailed information about the pension scheme and the Fund.
Everything about your pension scheme