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Payment dates

We pay each month’s pension on the first business day of that month. Your pension specification can be found in MijnPPF.

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Policy funding ratio

At the end of December, the policy funding ratio was 125.8%. What does this mean for your pension?

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News item

On the way to a good start in the new system in the coming years. Decisions taken by the Board on pension accrual, investment policy and indexation policy.

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'Well arranged later? Check it out now!' This call is certainly not relevant every day or every month, but it is when something big changes in your life.

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Your pension

What arrangements are in place for your pension?

Whether you are still accruing pension rights or are already drawing a pension, the general information in this section explains everything you need to know about your pension with Philips Pensioenfonds. It describes what arrangements are in place, and how changes in your life will impact your pension.

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Your Pension Fund

What are the policies of Philips Pensioenfonds?

This section contains general information about Philips Pensioenfonds. For example, it describes how the pension fund is organised and explains its principal areas of policy.

About Philips Pensioenfonds