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By using/accessing this website of Philips Pensioenfonds (PPF), you accept the following terms/conditions of use:

  1. PPF has taken great in care putting together this website and the information that it contains. Nevertheless, the information presented on the website does not bind PPF in any manner, nor can PPF accept any responsibility or liability for the information, its accuracy or completeness, or its use and interpretation by visitors of the website. Only the official documents prepared by Philips Pensioenfonds have binding effect.
  2. PPF cannot guarantee that the website and the servers through which the website is made available do not contain any viruses or other harmful components. PPF advises users to take all possible security measures that are commonly taken when using the Internet before retrieving information from the website. PPF cannot guarantee that the website will operate without errors or interruptions. Visitors access/use the website entirely at their own risk. PPF accepts no responsibility or liability whatsoever in that connection.
  3. PPF reserves the right to modify the information that is contained on the website and add new information whenever it wishes. It is under no obligation to announce this in advance or to provide a prior or subsequent warning. While PPF seeks to make the website easy to access, it accepts no responsibility or liability whatsoever if the website, or any part of the website, becomes temporarily or permanently unavailable/inaccessible. PPF has no obligation to ensure that the website remains available/operational. PPF may shut down the website, or any part of the website, whenever it wishes.
  4. The website contains references to other websites (links) over which PPF has no control. Those links are included as a service only. Linking to another website does not in any way imply any involvement on PPF’s part with that other website. PPF is in no instance responsible or liable for the content or accessibility of websites to which its own website makes any manner of reference.
  5. PPF holds the copyright to the website and its contents, and reserves all rights in that connection.
  6. The information on the website is intended for personal, non-commercial use only. Copying (except by downloading), reproducing, duplicating, forwarding, sharing or disclosing the material on this website in any manner whatsoever, or otherwise making it available to third parties (whether or not in exchange for payment), is prohibited unless reference is made to PPF’s copyright. This right to personal use does not extend to any software that is made available unless this is expressly permitted in accordance with item 7.
  7. Software that is made available for downloading from PPF’s website is subject to the relevant licensing terms. Unless the licensing terms explicitly state otherwise, use of the software is restricted to individual end users only; copying (except downloading), reproducing or distributing the software in any manner whatsoever is expressly prohibited. PPF accepts responsibility and liability for the software only in so far as the licensing terms so indicate. Any other or further liability on PPF’s part is excluded.
  8. The present terms and use of the website are governed by Dutch law.
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