Checked on 11 October 2021

This is how you reach us



+31 (0)88 - 015 79 00
You can contact us on working days from 9.00 - 17.00 hours.

Email address
Please include your client number in your e-mail.
Postal address

P.O. Box 123
1180 AC Amstelveen

Visiting address
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Conference Center High Tech Campus
High Tech Campus 1


Prof. E.M. Meijerslaan 1 
1183 AV Amstelveen

Due to the corona measures, it is currently not possible to
schedule a personal meeting on location.
Of course we are happy to help you by phone or e-mail. Please contact our Service Desk.

Video calling

Would you like to have a video call with our Customer Service Desk?
For example to review the choices available when applying for your pension or for help with using MijnPPF

Then make an appointment for a video call.

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What to do if you have a complaint?


If you are not satisfied with our services, please contact us. We would like to discuss this with you to find a solution together. Do you have a complaint about the way in which we executie the pension regulations? Then you can submit your complaint to the Board of Trustees. We will then handle your complaint in accordance with our complaints procedure.

Read more about our complaints procedure

Other information about Philips Pensioenfonds

Complaints, journalists, Pension Fund Office

  • If you are a journalist and you have a question for Philips Pensioenfonds, please email or call the Communications department of our Pension Fund Office:

    E-mail address


    040 - 273 05 69

  • Philips Pensioenfonds handles pension contributions with care and is therefore alert to reports of, for example, a conflict of interests, violation of internal rules, or theft or fraud. Do you suspect an irregularity, integrity incident or abuse that occurs at Philips Pensioenfonds? Then we would like to receive your notification about this.

    You can report your suspicion to the Chairman, General Director or the Compliance Officer of Philips Pensioenfonds. Contact details can be found on the cover page attached to the whistleblower policy (in Dutch). If reporting directly to internal persons within Philips Pensioenfonds is not an option for you, it may be good to be able to talk to someone in confidence about this. In that case, you can exchange ideas with the confidential adviser without obligation and in confidence.

    Confidential advisor

    Philips Pensioenfonds has appointed Cora Wielenga as a confidential advisor. She acts as a confidential advisor for several organizations. She can be reached via or via 088 - 99 88 100. Her mobile phone number is 06 - 20 49 27 49.

    The confidential advisor offers a listening ear. She advises which steps can be taken. If you decide not to take any further steps, you still have that option. You retain control in this yourself.

    The confidential advisor guarantees confidentiality. Your name will not be shared with Philips Pensioenfonds or others without your permission. This does not apply if your report relates to certain serious criminal offenses. In that case, she is obliged to file a declaration.

  • Do you have an appointment at the Pension Fund Office of Philips Pensioenfonds? This is our address:

    Pension Fund Office Philips Pensioenfonds
    High Tech Campus - Building 5
    P.O. box 80031
    5600 JZ Eindhoven

    Financial administration Pension Fund Office
    For questions or correspondence about invoices intended for the Pension Fund Office of Philips Pensioenfonds, please contact

Changes in your personal situation

Questions and answers

  • If your bank account number changes, it is important that you inform us. You can pass on the new details using the form entitled ‘Bank account details’. If you prefer, you can change the details on your profile page in MijnPPF.

  • If you live in the Netherlands and you have registered your new address with the municipal authorities, we will be informed automatically via the Municipal Personal Records Database (BRP). You do not need to notify us separately. If you are currently living abroad or if you move abroad, however, you must notify us. You can do this by updating your profile in MijnPPF.

  • Philips pensioenfonds stuurt in principe alle post naar uw woonadres. U kunt ervoor kiezen om een ander postadres op te geven. Bijvoorbeeld als u in het buitenland woont en uw post in Nederland wilt ontvangen of als u uw post bij familie wilt laten bezorgen. Wijzigt uw postadres? Dan moet u de wijziging zelf aan ons doorgeven. Alleen wijzigingen in uw woonadres binnen Nederland worden automatisch aan ons doorgegeven door de gemeente.

    Bouwt u pensioen op, ontvangt u pensioen of heeft u pensioen opgebouwd bij Philips of Signify? Dan kunt u zelf gemakkelijk uw postadres wijzigen in uw persoonlijke gegevens op de pagina ‘Mijn profiel’ in MijnPPF. Binnen 5 werkdagen wordt uw wijziging verwerkt.

    Wilt u het postadres voor iemand anders wijzigen? Dan vragen wij een machtiging of een kopie van een beschikking (gerechtelijke uitspraak) en een kopie van de identiteitsbewijzen. ​Stuur uw verzoek en deze gegevens naar ons e-mailadres Heeft u nog vragen? Neem dan contact op met onze Klantenservice.

    Bent u een erfgenaam van een overleden deelnemer en wilt u het postadres wijzigen? Neemt u dan contact op met onze Klantenservice.

  • If you are currently living abroad or if you move abroad, you must pass on the following information to us:

    • if you are moving to a new address: update your details on your profile page in MijnPPF;
    • if you have a new relationship, or your relationship ends: visit this page to find out what to do;
    • if your bank details change: fill out the form;
    • if your partner dies. In the event of your own death, your relatives must inform us in writing.
  • Did you have a partner at the moment you retired and did you opt for an retirement and survivor's pension? Then the partner that you had at that time is entitled to a survivor's pension. Did you only opt for a retirement pension? Then there is no pension for your partner. Do you have children who are younger than 21 years ? Then they are always entitled to an orphan's pension.

  • Because you are still accruing pension if you are disabled, your partner is entitled to a survivor's pension after your death. Your partner must then be registered with Philips Pensioenfonds. The amount of the survivor's pension is based on the assumption that you would participate in the pension scheme until your retirement date.

  • If your partner is registered with Philips Pensioenfonds and lives in the Netherlands, Philips Pensioenfonds will be notified automatically by the municipality in the event of your partner's death. You do not have to inform Philips Pensioenfonds of this . If you live abroad and your partner dies, you must notify us yourself.

  • No, if you die after your retirement and you have a new partner, then this partner is not entitled to a survivor's pension from Philips Pensioenfonds.