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Below is an overview of all video's of Philips Pensioenfonds.

Video: how does pension accrual work?
Everyone actively accruing a pension was recently informed about the pension accrual for 2022 and 2023. So what exactly is a pension, and how does pension accrual work in the Netherlands and at Philips Pensioenfonds? Watch the mini-learning video to learn more

ANW shortfall insurance: a 2-minute introduction
For all new employees, members who recently married or moved in with their partner, and members who are expecting a baby: did you know that you can take out ANW shortfall insurance to make better financial arrangements for your partner in case you die? Watch the video to find out whether this insurance is right for you.

Video 'When do you want to retire?'

Video 'Philips Pensioenfonds and responsible investment'

Webinar: in dialogue with Philips Pensioenfonds - 9 June 2020

Webinar: in dialogue with Philips Pensioenfonds - 12 June 2019

Webinar: in dialogue with Philips Pensioenfonds - 24 May 2018

Animation 'Your life is changing - how does this affect your pension?'

Animation 'What Philips Pensioenfonds does for you'

Animation 'Who decides the details of my pension plan?'

Animation 'Which parties have an impact on your pension?'

Handle your pension matters in MijnPPF and the Pension Planner