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Publications of Philips Pensioenfonds

Here you can see an overview with publications of Philips Pensioenfonds. You can download the brochures, forms and reports shown here.
Attention! Some documents may contain old contact details of Philips Pensioenfonds. Check our contact page for the current information.

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3 June 2024

Please note: our magazine Generaties will be appearing in English as well as in Dutch. To receive information in English, simply go to your Profile page in MijnPPF and set your language preference to ‘English’.

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Archive Generaties

View more editions of our magazine Generaties in the archive.

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Annual reports

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Archive annual reports

View more annual reports in the archive.

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Quarterly reports (in Dutch)

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Archive quarterly reports

View more quarterly reports in the archive.

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Documents Responsible Investment

Here you will find additional information about responsible investment and the ESG policy of Philips Pensioenfonds.

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Responsible Investment

Read all information about the ESG policy of the Fund. 

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Policy documents

Here you can download several policy documents of Philips Pensioenfonds.

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25 March 2024
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26 January 2023
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22 December 2022
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20 August 2020
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Pension 123

Pension 1-2-3 consists of 3 layers. Layer 1 can be found here. In this first layer you will briefly read the most important information about the flex pension.

Grafische weergave van twee portemonnees met de letters A en B erop. Eronder staat 'Vergelijk'.

Pension 123

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22 January 2024

This Pension 1-2-3 tells you what you will and will not get in the flex pension. On this website, you can also view layers 2 and 3 of Pension123.

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22 January 2024

This comparator will give you an idea of the differences between two pension schemes.

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Here you can download forms to arrange your pension matters yourself. 

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28 December 2020
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28 December 2020
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Sfeerbeeld: een ouder stel bekijkt iets op een laptop tijdens het ontbijt.


Do you want to know more about a pension-related subject? Download our brochures.

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15 February 2024
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20 January 2023
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Pension Plan Rules

The pension rules are the official document describing your pension scheme.

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Other documents

Current core amounts, explanations of pension statements and pension specifications

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30 June 2023

Explanatory notes Uniform Pension Overview 2023 for employees of Philips, Signify and Versuni.

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27 July 2023

Are you not working at Philips, Signify or Versuni anymore? You can read the explanatory notes about the Uniform Pension Overview 2023 here.

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