End of employment

End of employment

Organize it well now, benefit later

You have left the company. That means your pension accrual with Philips Pensioenfonds will also stop. This will change your pension situation. We will organize a number of pension matters on your behalf. However, you also have some personal choices to make. Will you start working for a different employer? In most cases, your pension can be transferred to your new employer. On this page you can read what you must do now in order to ensure your pension and that of your partner when the time comes.

On this page you can read what happens to your survivor's pension, that you can opt for a value transfer if you are going to work for a new employer or what happens if you leave your pension at Philips Pensioenfonds, and you can read about your pension in the future and what to do if your personal situation changes.


In this brochure you can read about the most important things about your pension when your employment ends.

Brochure end of employment

Important information

Have you left the company? Read this information carefully

End of pension accrual

Your participation in the flex pension stops at the date you leave the company. This is the date on which pension accrual with Philips Pensioenfonds will stop. Soon after this termination date, you will receive an overview of the pension rights that you have accrued with Philips Pensioenfonds.

Survivor's pension

During your employment you automatically accrued survivor’s pension within your pension plan. Your partner will receive this survivor’s pension upon your death, provided that your partner is registered in our system.

More about survivor's pension

Action required!

Living together but not married? Register your partner with us. Only then we will pay a survivor's pension after you passed away.

Form partner registration

Value transfer

If you start accruing pension with a new employer, then you can transfer your pension to your new pension administrator. This is called a ‘value transfer’. Alternatively, you may leave your pension at Philips Pensioenfonds.

More about value transfer


If you wish to leave your accrued pension at Philips Pensioenfonds, we will pay out your pension on your retirement date. Of course, we will update you on your pension regularly. And we will try to increase your pension each year, in order to maintain your purchasing power as much as possible.

More about your pension in the future

Frequently asked questions

Would you like to know more?

  • Perhaps you took out ANW shortfall insurance (to compensate for the lack of ANW benefit). This insurance stops automatically as from the moment you are leaving the company.

  • Philips Pensioenfonds tries to increase your pension as a non-contributor with vested rights, each year with the derived consumer price index from the Central Bureau of Statistics.

  • Unfortunately you cannot. The value of your pension cannot be transferred if either Philips Pensioenfonds or your new pension administrator has a funding ratio of less than 100%.

  • If your pension is lower than the so-called legal surrender limit, Philips Pensioenfonds may surrender your pension. If that is the case, you will receive the information package explaining this a few months before you retire.

  • If you marry or enter into a registered partnership, the municipality will inform us. If you live abroad, please notify us of your new partner’s details.

    If you start to cohabit, please register your partner with Philips Pensioenfonds using the ‘Partner registration’ form which you can download on this site. This is particularly important if you opted for a survivor’s pension when you left the company, as this survivor’s pension will only be paid out after your death if your partner is registered with us.

  • How this affects the survivor’s pension

    If you and your partner split up, your ex-partner will be entitled to survivor’s pension after your death. This is called an ‘extraordinary survivor’s pension’. If, however, you and your ex-partner agreed on your retirement date to exchange the entire survivor’s pension for a higher retirement pension, your ex-partner will not receive an extraordinary survivor’s pension.

    How this affects your retirement pension

    Your ex-partner is entitled to half of the retirement pension that you accrued up to the end of your relationship. Please note: This only applies automatically if you were married or in a registered partnership. Other arrangements about your pension are also possible. However, you must record those arrangements in writing before the formalities surrounding the end of your relationship are finalised.

    Tip! If you are in a relationship of unmarried cohabitation or live abroad and split up, you must always de-register your partner with Philips Pensioenfonds using the ‘Partner registration’ form. This is necessary because we are not notified of this automatically. 

    We do, however, receive automatic notification of the termination of a marriage or registered partnership in the Netherlands.

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