New relationship

Checked on: 29 December 2022

New relationship

You are going to marry, you enter into a registered partnership or you are going to cohabit

If you marry or enter into a registered partnership, the municipality will inform us automatically. If you live abroad, please notify us yourself of your new partner’s details using the ‘Partner registration’ form.

Do you accrue pension and work for Philips or Signify, and does your partner not yet receive an AOW? When getting a (new) relationship, you can take out the 'Anw-shortfall insurance'. More information can be found on the Anw-shortfall page.

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Formulier Partnerregistratie

16 November 2021

Attention cohabitants! It is important that you register your partner with us. Only then will we pay a survivor's pension in the event of your death.

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Form ANW shortfall insurance

16 November 2021

Wilt u een Anw-hiaatverzekering afsluiten? Vul dan binnen twee maanden na het aangaan van uw relatie het formulier ‘Anw-hiaatverzekering’ in.

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