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Almost retired

Before you receive your first pension payment, you can make a number of choices

When you retire, not only does your daily life change, your finances are no longer the same. As a pension fund, we know how complicated it can be to get your pension situation clear. While you have to make important financial decisions about your pension. We are happy to help you with this.


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21 July 2023

This brochure tells you all about the most important things you need to know about your retirement as you approach retirement.

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On this webpage we provide information about the choices you have. Choices for the survivor's pension, the bridging pension and the high-low scheme. After reading the information you know what consequences these choices have. You also know what is withheld from your pension, what we need from you now and when you need to inform us.

The state pension age (AOW age) will gradually rise in the coming years to 67 years and three months. Your AOW age, or the moment you receive your first statutory state pension, depends on your date of birth. Do you want to know when you are entitled to AOW? Then visit (in Dutch).


Important information

Will you retire soon? Read here about your choices

Survivor's pension

You have built up a survivor's pension in the flex pension. Your partner will receive this survivor's pension after your death. But you can also exchange your survivor's pension. You will then receive more retirement pension.

More about survivor's pension

Bridging pension

You will receive a retirement pension later. Will you retire before your AOW age? Then the flex pension can also provide a bridging pension. What is a bridging pension? What is the level of the bridging pension? And which choices can you make?

More about bridging pension

High-low arrangement

If you opt for the high-low arrangement, you will first have more and later less pension income. With the high-low arrangement you can influence the amount of your pension in a certain period.

More about high-low arrangement

Information package

Six months before your retirement date, you will receive a letter with information about applying for your pension. This letter explains how you can make choices in the Pension Planner on MijnPPF. You make your choices final by printing and signing the printout of your choices in the Pension Planner. The letter also includes a number of forms. You must return these forms to us together with the printout. We can then award your pension and you will receive your first pension payment.

More about applying for your pension

Frequently asked questions

Do you want to know more?

A few months before you retire, you will receive the 'Almost retired'-information package. This also includes a number of choice forms that you must return. You still have to make choices about the survivor's pension, a bridging pension (if you retire before your AOW age) and whether you want to apply the high-low arrangement.

Yes, that's possible. The premium that you must pay for this is deducted from the pension that you receive.

No, that is not possible. You can no longer revise the choice you now make after retirement. If you receive a partner after retirement, he/she cannot claim a survivor's pension if you die.

No, that is not possible. The moment of retirement determines who is entitled to the survivor's pension. Since you do not have a partner, that is not possible. If you receive a partner after retirement, he/she cannot claim a survivor's pension if you die.

Philips Pensioenfonds tries to increase your current pension each year with the derived consumer price index from the Central Bureau of Statistics. You will receive the annual statement at the end of March each year. This contains information about the amount of your pension and the possible increase of your pension in the relevant year. 

If your pension is lower than the so-called legal surrender limit, Philips Pensioenfonds may surrender your pension. If that is the case, you will receive the information package explaining this a few months before you retire.

Did you have a partner at the moment you retired and did you opt for an retirement and survivor's pension? Then the partner that you had at that time is entitled to a survivor's pension. Did you only opt for a retirement pension? Then there is no pension for your partner. Do you have children who are younger than 21 years ? Then they are always entitled to an orphan's pension.

You will be informed in a number of ways about (changes in) your pension:

  • If your pension benefit changes by more than € 0.01 net, you will receive a pension specification
  • You receive the Pension Overview every year at the end of March. This contains information about the amount of your pension and the possible increase of your pension in the relevant year
  • You will receive an annual statement once a year. You need this annual statement for your tax return

On the website you can see the overview with the 'Payment data'.

Related information

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Indexation policy

We try to increase your pension each year with price inflation. This is called 'indexation'. Do you want to know more about this?

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Payment dates

We pay your pension in advance on the 1st working day of the month. The day and time when your pension is credited to your account differs per bank.

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