Checked on: 18 August 2022

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What to do when your address changes?

If you change address within the Netherlands, we automatically obtain your new address from the municipality concerned. So you do not have to notify us of a change of address. If you change address abroad or move abroad, you should communicate this to us in MijnPPF

Change address

Are you moving to or abroad? If so, you can pass on your address yourself via Non-residents Records Database. 

Non-residents Records Database

What to do when your mailing address changes?

Philips Pensioenfonds sends all mail to your home address. You can choose to provide a different postal address. For example, if you live abroad and want to receive your mail in the Netherlands or if you want your mail delivered to family. Does your postal address change? Then you must notify us of the change yourself. Only changes to your residential address within the Netherlands are automatically passed on to us by the municipality.

You can esasily change your mailing address yourself in your personal details under ‘Profiel’ in MijnPPF. Your change will be processed within 5 working days.

Do you want to change the postal address for someone else? Then we ask for an authorization or a copy of a decision (court decision) and a copy of the identity documents. Send your request and this information to our e-mail address Do you have any questions? Please contact our Customer Service.

Are you an heir of a deceased participant and do you want to change the postal address? Please contact our Customer Service.

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Financial position

The financial position of Philips Pensioenfonds is assessed on the basis of the funding ratio, among other things.

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