Pension for partner and child

Checked on 23 December 2019

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For your partner: Survivor's pension

As a participants of the flex pension scheme, you automatically build up a survivor's pension. This is a lifelong retirement income that your partner will receive if you die. It is therefore important to register your partner with Philips Pensioenfonds.

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Living together but not married? It is important that you register your partner with us. Because only then will we pay a survivor's pension after your...

Form Partner registration

Are you married or do you have a registered partnership?

You do not have to register your partner with us yourself. We will automatically receive your data from the municipality in which you live.

Do you live unmarried together or abroad?

It is important that you register your partner with us yourself. Only if your partner is registered with us do we pay a survivor's pension after your death.

Attention for participants who are living together unmarried! In the event of death, we will pay a survivor's pension. It is therefore important that you provide us with your partner's personal data. You can register your partner via the 'Partner registration' form.

If you are married or have a registered partnership, your civil status has already been passed on to Philips Pensioenfonds via the municipal personal records database (BRP).

For your children: orphan's pension

Your children may be entitled to an orphan's pension after your death. The orphan's pension is a temporary pension income for the children. Children also often have major financial consequences after the death of one of the parents. For example, they want to study and are financially dependent on you. 

When are your children entitled to an orphan's pension?

Do you have any children? Then your children may be eligible for an orphan's pension. This applies to children under the age of 21. If your children are older, they will not receive an orphan's pension.
If there are several children, each child will receive an orphan's pension.

If the children are younger than 18, the payment is made to their legal representative. Children older than 18 can receive the orphan's pension on their own account. We would like to receive a written request for this.

Do you have children from a previous relationship? Then these children can also be eligible for an orphan's pension. The same conditions apply as described above.

Do you earn more than € 112,189?

The accrual of a survivor's pension is arranged via the flex pension for income up to € 112,189. If you earn more, you can save for extra pension yourself via the voluntary net pension scheme from Philips at ABN AMRO Pensioenen (020 - 583 11 11).

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