Value transfer

Checked on 5 January 2021

Value transfer

Arrange for the value transfer of your old pension

Have you worked before? Then you have probably built up pension through your previous employer. You can transfer this pension to Philips Pensioenfonds. This is called value transfer.

    Arrange immediately

    Do you want to transfer your old pension to Philips Pensioenfonds? Then fill in the form for a quotation without obligation.

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    Is it wise to transfer your old pension?

    That depends on the differences in the pension schemes. If you know the differences between your old pension scheme and the Philips Pensioenfonds scheme, you can make a choice. Consider the following:

    • Is there a difference in the retirement age for both schemes?
    • How is the survivor's pension arranged in both schemes?
    • Is there a difference in the annual increase (indexation) of the pension?
    • Do you want to receive a pension from one or more pension providers?

    Do you want to gain insight into the differences between your old and new pension scheme? Then use the 'Pensioenvergelijker' (in Dutch).

    What does the value transfer mean to you financially?

    We can calculate this for you. Request a quotation for this. We make the offer with the details of your previous pension administrator. It may take a while before you receive it. Keep that in mind. If you agree with our offer, sign it. We will then arrange the value transfer for you.

    Value transfer is not always possible

    Value transfer is only possible if both the new and old pension funds meet certain financial requirements. It is legally stipulated that the funding ratio of both pension funds must be at least 100%. If the funding ratio is too low for either party, you can submit the application. However, the application will only be processed if the financial position allows value transfer again.

    Automatic value transfer in case of a small pension

    In some cases, your previously accrued pension is automatically transferred to Philips Pensioenfonds. This may be the case if your pension is lower than the legal limit (in 2021 between € 2 and € 503,24 per year) and your previous pension administrator cooperates in this automatic value transfer. You do not have to arrange anything yourself. You can check with your previous pension administrator whether they automatically transfer small pensions.

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    The financial position of Philips Pensioenfonds is assessed on the basis of the funding ratio, among other things.

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