Survivor's pension

Checked on 12 January 2021

Survivor's pension

Your partner's pension

During your employment you automatically accrued survivor’s pension within your pension plan. Your partner will receive this survivor’s pension upon your death, provided that your partner is registered in our system. Read on to find out more about the survivor’s pension.

Action required!

Living together but not married? It is important that you register your partner with us. Only then we will pay a survivor's pension after you passed away.

Form Partner Registration

What will happen to the partner's pension?

As soon as you leave the company, your participation in the flex pension stops. This  means that you no longer accrue any survivor’s pension. The amount that you accrued up to the date of termination of your employment will remain in place. When you retire, you may exchange some or all of the survivor’s pension rights for a higher retirement pension. If you do not have a partner when you retire, we will automatically convert
the entire survivor’s pension into a higher retirement pension.

Your ANW shortfall insurance is stopped

Perhaps you took out ANW shortfall insurance (to compensate for the lack of ANW benefit). This insurance stops automatically as from the moment you are leaving the company. You have not accrued capital in the ANW shortfall insurance, as it is a risk-based insurance. This means that if you die after your employment ends, your partner will not receive any benefits from ANW shortfall insurance.

Value of the survivor's pension

The overview of the pension rights that you have accrued with Philips Pensioenfonds is called a ‘non-contributory policy’. Your non-contributory policy:

  • shows how much retirement pension you have accrued;
  • shows how much survivor’s pension you have accrued;
  • shows how much orphan’s pension you have accrued. If you have children, this is the orphan’s pension that they will receive if you pass away before they turn 21.

Your non-contributory pension is governed by the pension plan rules that applied when your employment ended. Any changes to those rules will also apply to you, if the rules contain a provision to that effect. The pension plan rules are available at 'Downloads'.

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