Value transfer

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Value transfer

Arrange for the value transfer of your old pension

Have you worked before? Then you have probably built up pension through your previous employer. You can transfer this pension to Philips Pensioenfonds. This is called value transfer.

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    3 November 2021

    Do you want to transfer your old pension to Philips Pension Fund? Then fill out the value transfer form for a no-obligation quote.

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    Is it wise to transfer your old pension?

    That depends on the differences in the pension schemes. If you know the differences between your old pension scheme and the Philips Pensioenfonds scheme, you can make a choice. Consider the following:

    • Is there a difference in the retirement age for both schemes?
    • How is the survivor's pension arranged in both schemes?
    • Is there a difference in the annual increase (indexation) of the pension?
    • Do you want to receive a pension from one or more pension providers?

    Do you want to gain insight into the differences between your old and new pension scheme? Then use the 'Pensioenvergelijker' (in Dutch).

    What does the value transfer mean to you financially?

    We can calculate this for you. You can request the value transfer in two ways:

    Value transfer through

    Log on to and check whether your old pension provider is also affiliated with it. Is the financial position of both funds sufficient? Then you can immediately compare the pension plans and see what the value transfer means financially. Do you agree with the proposal? Then you can sign it immediately with your DigiD. The value transfer is fully completed within ten working days.

    Request an offer from Philips Pension Fund

    Is your old pension provider not connected to Then request a quotation from us. We will request data from your previous pension administrator. With the information from your previous pension administrator we will make you an offer. It may take a while before you receive it. Please keep this in mind. If you agree with our quotation, sign it. We will then arrange the value transfer for you.


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    Indexation policy

    We try to increase your pension each year with wage inflation. This is called 'indexation'. Do you want to know more about this?

    Go to indexation policy

    Financial position

    The financial position of Philips Pensioenfonds is assessed on the basis of the funding ratio, among other things.

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