Responsible investing in short

Checked on 14 July 2021

Responsible investing in short

The policy for socially responsible investment shows how Philips Pensioenfonds takes social aspects into account when investing your pension money. Think of the environment and human rights. Our policy is in line with international guidelines for corporate social responsibility. We follow the guidelines as laid down in the so-called Global Compact principles, the OESO guidelines and the UNGPs. Philips Pensioenfonds' policy is based on two pillars: responsible investment choices and taking care of our investments. The picture below shows an overview of the policy (in Dutch).

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On this page you can read in brief about our policy for Responsible Investments. Are you interested in our full policy? Download a detailed description of our policy here.

Description Responsible Investment-policy (in Dutch)

Responsible choices

Philips Pensioenfonds makes conscious 'responsible' choices in the new policy. For example, by recording in what type of companies we do not want to invest. But also by investing part of the portfolio in companies that can make a positive contribution to themes such as 'health and well-being' and 'responsible consumption and production'. Finally, sustainability aspects (such as the environment, social aspects and governance) can influence the risks of an investment, in both a positive and negative sense. When making investment choices, it is always assessed whether the expected return is in balance with the associated risks. In this way too, sustainability aspects play a role in our policy and its implementation.

Execution by investment category

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Policy by investment category (in Dutch)

Taking care of our investments

As an investor, we believe that we should also manage our investments responsibly, in other words: we should 'take good care' of our investments. This means that we not only monitor our investments on the return to be achieved, but also on social aspects. We collect information about companies in which we invest to assess whether there is a potential negative impact on social aspects. And when we think we can use our influence to encourage a company to improve, we start the dialogue. We also exercise that influence when it comes to voting at shareholders' meetings. Sometimes a dialogue does not lead to the desired result, then we can exclude a company. That means that we no longer invest in the company.

Accountability for policy

Philips Pensioenfonds has also laid down in its policy for responsible investing how we account for the policy and inform you as a participant. An important starting point is that the policy is open and fair. We publish a short version of our policy on this website. You will also find information about how the policy is implemented in the various investment categories. We also publish our investments in listed shares together with information about the dialogue conducted and voting behavior. For the other investment categories, we publish a list of the largest investments in terms of market value.

Top 25

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