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How do you accrue pension?

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In three ways

You accrue pension in three ways:

  • A. AOW benefit: you receive this pension from the state. You can read more about this at
  • B. Retirement pension with Philips Pensioenfonds. You accrue this pension via your employer. This Pension 1-2-3 deals with this.
  • C. Pension that you arrange yourself. For example with an annuity or bank savings.

Average pay

You accrue part of your pension each year. The pension that you receive on retirement is the sum of all these parts. From the date of your retirement you receive this pension for as long as you live. How much pension you accrue depends on the available pension premium. This is called a collective defined-contribution scheme (CDC).


You accrue part of your pension each year, though not on the basis of your whole gross salary. Because in 2021 you do not accrue pension benefits on € 15,274, the reason for this ‘threshold amount‘ being that you already receive a basic pension, the AOW benefit, from the state. Each year you accrue 1.85% pension on the gross salary (up to a maximum of € 112,189) minus the threshold amount. The accrual percentage of 1.85% is not fixed. The accrual percentage can be lowered under certain circumstances.


Each month you pay a contribution to your employer for your pension. Your employer then pays your pension premium to Philips Pensioenfonds, in the form of a fixed percentage of the amount on which you accrue pension rights. This premium includes the employee contribution. The gross level of your contribution can be seen on your salary statement.