Uniform Pension Overview checklist

Checked on 28 July 2021

Check the information in your Uniform Pension Overview

The first page of your Uniform Pension Overview shows the information on which your pension overview is based. If any of that information is incorrect, contact the Service Desk.


If you are living together with your partner, make sure that he/she is registered with us.

Form Partner Registration

If you have a partner, make sure that his/her details are correct

Visit MijnPPF and use your DigiD to log in. Check your partner’s details on the profile page. If you see any errors, notify us using the ‘Partner Registration’ form.

Check what your income will be after you retire and what your partner will receive in the event of your death.

If you know what your income is expected to be, you can take additional measures now if necessary.

Calculate your pension based on your personal preferences

If you want to calculate how your preferences will affect your pension, for example how much you will have if you exchange survivor’s pension for a higher retirement pension, visit MijnPPF and run the calculations in the Pension Planner. The Pension Planner will also show an estimate of what your net income will be.

Pension Overview digital

U also receive a digital pension overview in MijnPPF.