Uniform Pension Overview checklist

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Check the details on your Uniform Pension Overview

On the first page of your Uniform Pension Overview you will find the data on which your pension overview is based. Are your details incorrect? If so, please contact Customer Service.

Please take action

Cohabitants beware! It is important that you register your partner with us.Only then will we pay out a survivor's pension in the event of your death.

Formulier Partnerregistratie

Do you have a partner? Then check that the correct partner details are listed. To do so, go to MijnPPF and log in.

Check your partner's details on the profile page. Are your partner details incorrect? If so, please notify us using the 'Partner registration' form.

See what income you will receive on retirement and what your partner will receive on your death

Knowing what to expect in income later on will help you take action where necessary.

Calculate your pension based on your own choices

Would you like to calculate your own choices in your pension? For example, do you want to see what you get when you exchange your survivor's pension for an old-age pension? Then go to MijnPPF and make your own calculations in the Pension Planner. The Pension Planner also gives you an estimate of the amount of your net pension.

Pension overview digital

You will receive your pension overview digitally in MijnPPF.

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