Calculating your options

Checked on: 24 June 2022

Available options

Your Uniform Pension Overview 2022 shows your pension situation based on the data at 1 January 2022. The values shown there assume that you will start drawing your pension at your pension reference age of 68: unless you choose to retire at a different age, you will start drawing the pension rights that you have already accrued and the pension rights that you will accrue in the future when you turn 68.

What choices are available to you when you retire?

This depends on your pension plan. Under the flex pension plan you have the following options:

  • You have the choice of retiring before or after you turn 68. If you choose this option, your pension will be recalculated from the base age of 68 to reflect your preferred retirement age.
    • If you want to move your retirement forward more than five years before state retirement age, you are required to stop working by a percentage corresponding to the portion of your pension that you choose to draw.
    • You may choose a retirement age between 68 and 70. However, you will need to decide by the time you turn 67.5, regardless of whether or not you want to continue working. Note that you will need your employer’s approval to continue working after you turn 68. If disability renders you incapable of working, you will start drawing your retirement pension when you reach the pension reference age. You may also start drawing your retirement pension when your state pension starts paying out. Your disability pension will stop when you reach state retirement age, or the pension reference age if that is sooner. Under the current pension plan, the pension reference age is 68.
    • You must notify your employer at least six months before your preferred retirement date, and no later than when you reach the age of 67.5. This applies even if you want to retire after you turn 68. If your employment has already ended, you must notify our Service Desk of your retirement date.
  • If you choose to retire before reaching state retirement age, you might want to purchase a bridging pension to compensate for the lack of state pension during the intervening period. The option of a bridging pension is only available if you retire before you reach state retirement age.
  • You may exchange some or all of the survivor’s pension for a higher retirement pension, or the other way around.
  • Lastly, you can use the high-low scheme to draw a higher pension until you reach state retirement age or the age of 72.

Run these individual choices through the Pension Planner in MijnPPF to find out how they will affect the value of your pension. The Pension Planner will show an indication of your net pension under ‘Your preferences’. You can save a summary of your preferences on your computer as a PDF and print it out.

To find out more about the available options, visit the web page ‘Almost retired'.

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