Indexation ambition

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Indexation ambition

The Board of Trustees aims to offer you a pension that retains its purchasing power in the long term. In other words, it is our ambition to increase your pension through indexation. Here you can read what the ambition means in concrete terms for retired pension and active members. Besides, the indexation ambition is not determined by Philips Pensioenfonds but by the social partners at Philips (also for members who work for Signify or Versuni).

Indexation allocation

 How much pension increase the Board can give in a certain year depends on several factors.

How the Board makes the indexation decision
Ambition for retired members

The ambition of Philips Pensioenfonds is to increase your pension annually by the same rate as price inflation, expressed in the derived consumer price index established by Statistics Netherlands (CBS). Unlike the ‘standard’ consumer price index, the derived consumer price index does not reflect changes in the rates for product-linked taxes (such as VAT and duties on alcohol and tobacco), municipal taxes and subsidies – essentially, price changes resulting from government measures.

The Board of Trustees of Philips Pensioenfonds does not consider it to be the pension fund’s duty to settle the effects of government measures. As a result, the rate by which your pension with Philips Pensioenfonds increases (based on the ambition) consistently deviates from the price increases according to the ‘standard’ consumer price index. Philips Pensioenfonds is not alone in this: the overwhelming majority of pension funds use the derived consumer price index.

Ambition for active members

The ambition of Philips Pensioenfonds is to raise your accrued pension rights every year by the same rate as wage inflation, expressed in the collective salary scale adjustments under Philips’s collective labour agreement (including for Signify and Versuni employees). Whenever the Board of Trustees passes a decision to raise the accrued pension rights for members participating in the flex pension plan, that rise takes effect on the same date every year: 1 April.

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