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Net pension scheme

Checked on 23 November 2021

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Separate pension plan if you earn more than € 112,189

The flex pension provides for the accrual of pension benefits on an income up to € 112,189. If you earn more than € 112,189 you can save for extra pension via the voluntary net pension plan with ABN AMRO Pensions. To find out more about this, contact ABN AMRO Pensions. Furthermore, if you earn more than € 112.189. Philips or Signify has, as a standard arrangement, taken out term insurance for you with ABN AMRO to provide for a survivor’s pension in the event of death and continued pension accrual in the event of disability (incapacity/unfitness for work). To find out more about this, contact ABN AMRO Pensions on telephone number 020 – 583 11 11 or go to

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