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Survivor’s pension

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Survivor’s and orphan’s pension

As well as your retirement pension, you accrue a survivor’s pension and an orphan’s pension. In the event of your death your partner will be entitled to a survivor’s pension and your children below the age of 21 will be entitled to an orphan’s pension.

You accrue survivor’s pension at 70% of the retirement pension that you build up. This means that every year you will accrue 70% of your retirement pension for your partner. The value of the survivor’s pension is affected by a number of different factors, for example whether you are actively accruing pension, whether you were married previously and what personal pension preferences you have selected.

You accrue orphan’s pension at 14% of the retirement pension that you build up. Each of your children will be paid an orphan’s pension until he or she turns 21. Children who have lost both parents (double orphans) receive an orphan’s pension at double the value.

The flex pension provides for the accrual of the survivor’s and orphan’s pension on an income up to € 112,189. If you earn more than € 112,189, your employer has taken out insurance for you with ABN AMRO Pensions. This insurance ceases if you leave the Company. To find out more about this insurance, contact ABN AMRO Pensions via or via phone number 020 – 583 11 11.

The level of the survivor’s pension and of the orphan’s pension is stated on your Uniform Pension Overview and at (in Dutch).

Survivor’s allowance from the government
In the event of your death your partner may be entitled to a statutory survivor’s allowance from the government under the Surviving Dependants Benefits Act (ANW). There are conditions attached to this. Your partner has not reached the AOW pension age, or have to care for one or more children below the age of majority or be partially disabled (incapacitated/unfit for work). More information about this can be found on the website of the Social Insurance Bank

If your partner does not receive a (full) ANW allowance from the government, you can take out ANW shortfall insurance with us. For the options, look at ‘What options do you have’