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3 November 2020

Everything ready for your retirement? Make sure now

Moving in with your partner, getting married, having children... These are probably not the moments in your life when you are most likely to be thinking about your pension. Nevertheless, it is important to know where you stand with your pension whenever your life enters a new phase. Today marks the start of the Pensioen3daagse, an annual 3-day event that is all about pensions. Around the country, the focus will be on this year’s topic: ‘Everything ready for your retirement? Make sure now!’ While you do not need to pay mind to this call to action every day, or even every month, it certainly becomes relevant at times of major change in your life. Read on to find out more.

A change in your life? Remember to check your pension!

For many working people, retirement is too far off to worry about. Yet it is closer than you might think. If you move to a new job, if you marry or move in with your partner, if you have a child, or if you and your partner split up: these are all life-changing events that might directly impact your pension. So you see: your pension is important, even if your retirement is still a long time in future.

Consequences for your pension

I would like to start with a few important events in your life when it is important to think about your pension. For example, you might have started working for Philips or Signify recently. That is when you need to check whether you and your partner have made adequate arrangements for your pension. Are your partner’s details in Philips Pensioenfonds’s records correct, and have you specified in what language you want to receive information? Have you made arrangements for your partner in the event of your death, or should you take out Anw shortfall insurance? If you want, you can also carry over the pension rights that you accrued with a previous pension fund or insurer to Philips Pensioenfonds (known as a ‘value transfer’).

Another moment to check your pension is when you start living together with your partner. For example, it is important to register your partner with us; if you do not, your partner will not be paid a survivor’s pension after your death. This is also when you should take out Anw shortfall insurance: you can only do this during the first two months after you started living together with your partner. If you want to reduce or increase your working hours, this will also affect your pension. Working fewer or more hours also means accruing less or more pension. And of course if you move on to a new job, you must remember to check your contact details to make sure that we have your current telephone number and email address.

Information about your options

Visit our website to find out how various changes in your personal circumstances will affect your pension. The Pension Planner in MijnPPF contains an overview of your personal pension situation. It also allows you to calculate various effects on the value of your pension, for example what will happen if you decide to start working fewer hours.

Would you like to find out what you can do now about your pension?

Watch the video.


Jasper Kemme
Algemeen directeur