In memory of Judit Vennix

7 September 2022

On September 3, we received the sad news that our colleague Judit Vennix passed away much too young, at the age of 45. Judit worked for more than 13 years at the Pension Fund Office of Philips Pensioenfonds as an ALM strategist. We know Judit as a social and committed colleague who devoted herself fully to the Pension Fund and its participants.

In December 2021, Judit Vennix answered three frequently asked questions about the new pension system in our magazine Generaties. To illustrate the problems of the new system, Judit used her daughter's children's drawings. She said about this in the article: “The new pension system affects all generations, from young to old. My role is to calculate what it means for everyone. Sometimes it helps to make that very concrete: what does it mean for my children, for my own generation and for the generation of my parents? These children's drawings made by my daughter symbolize that issue beautifully.”

Shortly after writing the article and taking the photos, Judit received the bad news about her health. Combatant and brave, she has undergone all treatments in order to have as much time as possible with her family. With Judit we lose a sweet and valuable colleague who was not only good at her work in terms of content. She also always put the interests of others first: taking care of the participants of Philips Pensioenfonds and the cooperation with colleagues from the Pension Fund Office.

She not only leaves a great void with her family and relatives, but also with us.
We sympathize with her partner Jeroen, their children and the other family members.

Judit Vennix worked at the Pension Fund Office of Philips Pensioenfonds as an ALM strategist. She made a major contribution to the policy of the Pension Fund. For example, she calculated what the pension of our participants would look like if certain changes were made. And that in many different future scenarios. This numerical information is important input for decisions about, among other things, the investment policy. Judit also took part in a working group of the Pensioenfederatie that provides input to the government on behalf of the pension sector for the elaboration of the new statutory rules for pensions.