Receiving pension abroad

Receiving pension abroad  

If you live abroad and receive a pension, some of the arrangements are different. This concerns issues that are essential to payment of your pension.

The Residence certificate and Certificate of life

If you live in the Netherlands, we automatically receive details about your personal situation via the municipal records. If you reside outside the Netherlands, we do not automatically receive this information.
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Payment: a Euro account

Philips Pensioenfonds pays your pension in Euros. This is why it is important for you to hold an account denominated in Euros.
You can read more on this subject in step 3 of the brochure...

Healthcare insurance: your contribution

Living abroad you also want to be entitled to good medical care. In the Netherlands costs for the health insurance are automatically deducted from salary and pensions. How is this arranged if you live abroad?
You can find more information in step 4 of the brochure...

Your personal situation: changes

You live abroad and your personal situation changes. What does Philips Pensioenfonds wants to know from you. And how do you notify us?
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Would you like to know what exactly you are supposed to do if you receive pension abroad? Please take a look at the checklist.
You can find the checklist on page 3 of the brochure...

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