Pension for partner and children

Pension for partner and children  

After your death you want your partner and children well taken care of. As a participant of the flex pension scheme you don’t have to worry. Our pension scheme provides an income for your surviving partner. Your children may also be entitled to an income: the orphan’s pension. In this information area you can find out what you need to know about the pension for partner and children.

After reading this information you know the structure of your survivor’s pension and that you can take out supplementary insurance for your partner: the ANW shortfall insurance. You also know whether or not your children are entitled to an orphan’s pension. And you know when you have to contact us to provide details.

For your partner: survivor’s pension

You automatically accrue survivor’s pension as a participant of the flex pension scheme. The survivor’s pension is a lifelong pension which your partner will receive in the event of your death. It is important to register your partner with Philips Pensioenfonds. Read more...

For your partner: ANW shortfall insurance

It is possible to take out an ANW shortfall insurance with us for your partner. That can be rewarding if your partner is not entitled to an ANW benefit or not entitled to the full amount. Read more...

Pension income for your children

Children often also incur major financial implications upon the death of one of the parents. Your children may be entitled to an orphan’s pension. What does this mean? And what are the conditions?. Read more...

If your personal situation changes

Obviously, changes may occur in your personal situation. For example you may leave or you and your partner split up. Here you can read what the consequences are for your survivor’s pension. Read more...

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