Other events

Other events  

Besides the already mentioned specific events, other life events can affect your pension. Early retirement, divorce and disability may have consequences for your retirement pension and if you have a partner for his or her survivor’s pension.

58 year; choosing your retirement age

Your retirement pension will start at the age of 68, but you have the possibility to choose your retirement age between 60 and 68. If you do so, your retirement pension will be lower. This is because you accrued a pension over a shorter period, while you will be receiving pension for a longer period. You can also retire later, up to 70 years but then your employer has to agree to this. You will continue to receive retirement pension for the rest of your life. You can choose your retirement age from the moment you become 58 years. As from the year in which you turn 60, you will receive information concerning choosing your retirement age.

Contact our Service Desk for more information.

End of relationship - you and your partner split up

An end of relationship has consequences for your survivor’s pension as well as for your retirement pension.

The consequences for the survivor’s pension
If you and your partner split up, your ‘future ex-partner’ will become entitled to the survivor’s pension you have accrued until that moment. This is referred to as the special survivor’s pension. Your ex-partner will receive this survivor’s pension in the event of your death.

If you are cohabiting and you are not married or if you live abroad, then please deregister your partner with Philips Pensioenfonds.

The consequences to your retirement pension
Your ex-partner is entitled to half the retirement pension that you accrued during the period of your relation. This applies only to marriage or registered partnership.

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You are automatically insured for disability with Philips Pensioenfonds. Whether you become fully disabled or partially disabled, you will receive an income supplementing the benefit you get from the Dutch state.

Fully disabled
You receive a disability pension from Philips Pensioenfonds equal to 5% of your fixed gross pensionable salary. Do you earn more than the disability ceiling amount in? Then you will receive 5% of the disability ceiling amount plus 75% of your income exceeding this amount. In addition, you will continue to accrue retirement pension and survivor’s pension without having to pay any contributions.

Partially disabled
You are entitled to a partial benefit through Philips Pensioenfonds if you are more than 35% disabled. The Work and Income according to Labour Capacity Act (WIA) specifies that you do not receive a benefit if you are less than 35% disabled. You will continue to accrue pension, but to a more limited extent.

Contact our Service Desk for more information.

In the event of disability your pension accrual for the part of your income up to € 107,593 will be continued via the flex pension, without premium being paid by you. Do you have an income above € 107,593? Then your employer has taken out a risk-based insurance via ABN AMRO Pensioenen. Would you like to know more about this insurance? Then go to ABN AMRO Pensioenen.
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