Funding ratio

Funding ratio  

The funding ratio indicates whether a pension fund is financially healthy. There are various types of funding ratios (in Dutch). The graph below shows how Philips Pensioenfonds is doing financially. The level of the policy funding ratio is important for your personal pension. The colors in the graph show what the consequence is if the policy funding ratio is at a certain level.

Factors influencing the funding ratio

The funding ratio is highly sensitive to interest rate movements and returns on equity investments and real estate. Want to know how this works? View the interest and returns model (in Dutch).

Provisional figures

The figures in the above graph are based on provisional data. Therefore, these funding ratios do not necessarily match other publications with financial data of Philips Pensioenfonds.

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Funding ratio

Here you will find, every month, the policy funding ratio of Philips Pensioenfonds


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