End of employment

End of employment  

You have stopped working for Philips or Signify. That means your pension accrual with Philips Pensioenfonds will also stop. This will change your pension situation. We will organise some of your pension issues on your behalf. However, you also have some personal choices to make. Will you start working for a different employer? In most cases, your pension can be transferred to your new employer. Here you can read what you can do now in order to ensure your pension income will match your requirements later.

Termination of pension accrual

Your pension situation will change after leaving. Here you can read what happens to your pension and the choices you have.
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What will happen to the survivor’s pension?

During your employment, you accrued survivor’s pension within your pension scheme automatically. Your partner will receive this survivor’s pension upon your death.
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New employer? Then you can opt for a value transfer

If you start accruing pension with a new employer, then you can transfer your pension to your new pension administrator. This is called 'value transfer'.
You can read more on this subject in step 3 of the brochure...

What will happen with your pension in the future?

We will update you on your pension regularly. And we will try to increase your pension each year, in order to mantain your purchasing power as much as possible.
You can find more information in step 4 of the brochure...

If your personal situation changes

Obviously, changes may occur in your personal situation. For example you may move or start a new relationship.
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Would you like to know what exactly you are supposed to do when your employment ends? Please take a look at the checklist.
You can find the checklist on page 2 of the brochure...

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